Do you remember the Robosapiens?


Remember those cool robot toys made by WowWee in 2006. I mean I never owned one but always wanted to. I mean I definitely remember the commercials. The robot that I always wanted from WowWee was the Robosapien V2. Today WowWee stopped making basically all of the Robosapiens and if you try to buy a use one about anywhere from $600- 800$ on Ebay.

New Honda Robot ASIMO 2012 – All features and behaviors


Remember that cool robot that Honda made, Well now ASIMO can do more things these days like hopping on one foot, running, and even pouring out juice into a cup. Just check out the video to see what I mean, oh and I don’t think this is in the video but Honda fixed the problem with ASIMO walking up the stairs so it can do that too now.

Get ready for the topic of the week

ImageNow for every week there will be a topic about certain tech, for example tablets. That means from Monday to Sunday I will post only things relating to that topic from now on. So starting tomorrow there will be the topic of the week. You will be informed in your reader if following. Oh and follow my blog Tech Cove for the latest news and updates on the hottest gadgets and tech out there.

How many of us still use CD’s Today?


How many of us still use CD’s Today?

Today people everywhere use devices like iPods and MP3 players to listen to music. I mean you see people everywhere with those ear buds plugged into their ears listening to their favorite jams. These devices are great and all but, how many of us still use CD’s Today? I mean how many of us use these not so old relics popular around 2002. Well I own a few cds of my own and I play them occasionally. But when I go outside I’m on my smartphone with my ear buds plugged in listening to my music.
The reason why I’m interested was that the other day when I was outside I saw someone with a CD player. So I was just wondering how many people still use them. I still own my CD player it is an old Sony one but it still works perfectly fine and I kept it in good condition over the years. I mean with MP3s you can have 1000 songs on one device. But with CDs now one cd carries about a little less than 25 songs. So you would have to carry about a little more than 40 cd’s to get the same amount of songs. I mean MP3s are just audio files transferred to our smartphones and tablets for us to use. With songs on our devices it just makes it very easy to listen to our music on the go. Without having to have CD’s with you in the car or anywhere you go. Carrying around a big cd player which takes up some room. I mean those were the good old days burning Cds and stuff but these days, you can easily get music from the web. With Cds back in those days you couldn’t get the music for free but today you sure can. I mean the cd can hold up to about 80 minutes of audio and your device could hold way more music.
I mean Cd’s are still used today in video games and DVD entertainment. But even some video games like ones on Xbox you still can download games. And videos and movies everybody know you can get that stuff on your smartphones and tablets. So why would you have to buy a DVD anymore? I mean if you have access to this stuff from your smartphone or tablet do you really need a cd anymore? I think cd’s are pretty cool I mean to store stuff.
So in conclusion the CD is one of our biggest uses in technology. From using it to store movies, games, audio books and more. But with our technology growing at such a rapid rate the CD is barely used these days anymore. These days storing digital files on our portable devices are much more useful. So how many of us still use CD’s today? How about you?

Paint Retouching Pens


It is a cool syringe paint pent pen. Where if you scratch the paint off a wall you can just repaint over it. Or if you accidentally touch a drying fresh coat of paint and it rubs off. All you do is put the paint into the pen and retouch the little mess ups to your wall. To learn more or buy it click on the link below.