Do you remember the Sega Dreamcast?


Do you remember the Sega Dreamcast?

The Sega Dreamcast was one of my favorite gaming consoles. I used to love playing games like Sonic Adventure, Hydro Thunder, Shemue, Solcalibur, Virtual striker 3, and Powerstone. I think the Sega Dreamcast was such a cool system I mean the games are all so fun to play and memorable. One thing that made the Sega dreamcast different from other consoles was it’s memory card with a screen. I mean I remember downloading and playing mini games on the cards which was pretty cool. I mean I think there should be a Sega Dreamcast 2. I think the Dreamcast was a great system with a ton of great games and I know I’m not the only one who thinks it. It would be great if Sega could make a Dreamcast 2 which could dominate the next gen consoles ps4 and xbox one. So what do you think, I want your opinion what do you think about the Sega Dreamcast and do you think there should be a Sega Dreamcast 2?

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Buy this personal gaming death trap for only $2500

Wow I mean it looks kind of cool but to small and the price definitely to expensive.

This personal gaming death trap is being sold on Craigslist for a reasonable $2500.

Just look at the picture for a minute and try to figure why on earth someone would create this monstrosity.

It features a “waterproof camo exterior, 100 watt subwoofer and a rubber lined spill proof floor.”

The owner describes this gaming box as a “gaming module” or “the box.” Apparently, it also has the ability to fit two adults inside it. Where those adults will actually sit is another story altogether. The box looks too small for anything.

Also, why would someone want to play games in a dark, cramped weather proof box in the first place? It looks like some sort of crazy gaming-focused bunker. Maybe it was created to be some sort of portable LAN party thing on wheels?

Don’t worry though, if you have $2500 to blow on this gaming module, the…

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Portable Hand-Held Air Condition Mini Fan


Portable Hand-Held Air Condition Mini Fan

This cool portable handheld air conditioner can keep you cool on those hot summer days. Just put in the batteries or plug it into a USB port and cool air will blow out. Perfect for when you are around your computer for along time. I’m not sure if it comes with a bottle of fragrance but I know it can be used as a air freshener. Just open up the back and put a few drops of fragrance or perfume or whatever on to the blue pad and pop the back back on and turn it on that simple. If you want to learn more about this or buy it click on the source link below.

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