‘Digital Dementia’ surging among young electronics users

So this is what digital technology like smartphones can do to you who knew.

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KANSAS CITY, Kan.– The overuse of electronics at a young age is leading to a surge in what some doctors are calling “Digital Dementia”. The demand for anything digital is at an all-time high.

“I’m on my phone a lot, probably all day. I use the Playstation 3 every morning and the computer I use at night,” 14-year-old David Shelley said.

In the Shelley household, there are five kids and countless electronics.

“They sort of just roam from one electronic device to the next,” dad Jeff Shelley said.

These kids are on track to develop what some doctors are calling “digital dementia”, characterized as a deterioration of brain function from overusing digital technology.

Symptoms include forgetting details, like phone numbers, shortened attention spans and loss of emotions.

“It’s kind of a like a use it or lose it kind of thing especially in a developing brain,” said Dr. Jennifer…

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Lets start things off with the IPhone 5


Lets start things off with the IPhone 5

The IPhone 5 is one of the world’s most used smartphones. Everyone knows someone who own an IPhone. But can it stand up to the Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4. In my opinion no the Galaxy S3 and S4 have a better screen with those Super AMOLED HD screens which gives ,ore vibrant colors. But I Phone 5 screen isn’t that bright making it easier on the eyes. And IPhone 5 doesn’t have any lag not that I know of. But I know someone who owns an S3 and he says it lags sometimes when playing games. So I can’t say for certain that the Galaxy phones are better then the IPhone 5 but what do you think which phones are better GS3 and GS4 or IPhone 5?

Image Source: www.apple.com