Best tablet for kids! Buy now Lightning sale 24 hour shipping $54.99 ! Number 3 list item.


Best tablet for kids! Buy now Lightning sale 24 shipping! Number 3 list item.

This tablet is a must buy if you are buying a gift for any kid who wants a tablet. I am sure this thing is going to be sold out in a few days so don’t make a mistake, and buy it now. I mean I already bought two of these things for my little cousins last year Christmas and every time they visit they always bring it and they say it’s amazing. I mean the tablet’s running on Android 4.0.4 it is a 7 inch touch screen. It’s got the usual 3.5mm head phone jack. Battery life is about 4 hours so it’s good for a tablet this price. It is 8GB of built in storage but you can expand it to 32GB. It has the Google play store already installed so you can start downloading apps and games. And it has a 0.3MP camera. The price is so good for a great tablet I can’t really find any problems but that when playing games with this sometimes there’s a little lag but other then that it works perfectly fine so click on the link below to learn more and to buy!



Doesn’t this look like the Microsoft Surface?


Doesn't this look like the Microsoft Surface?

The Sony VAIO Duo 11 ultrabook is a laptop which can convert into a tablet. This does look like the Surface they both fold up. I guess that laptops these days will look more like those a mix between tablet and laptop.


One of the coolest tablets/ computers what do you think?


 One of the coolest tablet/ computers what do you think?

I know the Surface RT is pretty much a tablet but it acts like a computer too. The Surface is one of the coolest computes in my opinion, but how functional is it with the keyboard what I mean is can it be your laptop or even desktop replacement? I mean I’m not sure if has all the features as a regular computer so the answer for now is pretty much no but what do you think?

Image Source: Microsoft Surface RT