I just got way better at Call of Duty Ghosts! My Number 2 list item

So I really wanted to improve at Call of Duty but I didn’t really go online and get any good practice time in to improve my game. Since Ghosts is the first Call of Duty Game I ever owned I was kind of learning the game a bit. It’s not like I never played Call of Duty before, I play it over my cousin’s house every time I come over and I beat him sometimes. But since I haven’t played my COD Ghosts in a while and some lack of experience I wanted to find ways to improve my game. Which was then I stumbled on this guide on the internet which I thought was stupid and a waste of money and I already know about Call of Duty what more can I learn. When then I decided since It was on sale for $17 not a lot of money so I decided to take a chance and buy it. And I was surprised the skill guides, map guides, and multiplayer guides really improved my game and there’s more. I went from like getting 7 kill streaks( the sentry gun) to 12 kill streaks( the Helo pilot) in a few days. I even got the Loki once! Once you purchase it, it is all digital so they will send you email details so you can login and start learning. The greatest part is that it gets updated so it’s not like you buy it and that’s it a plain old guide I think it makes a good gift for any Call  of Duty Ghosts player. And it’s worth the small $17 I recommend it so just get it at the link below if you want to improve your COD Ghosts game or know anybody that would.



Sorry I havn’t been on in while

Sorry I have been really busy since the past weeks so I haven’t been on but thanks for the people that come back everyday. I’m probably not going to be on for the rest of August so don’t expect much. I’m thinking about giving Tech Cove a new image will see.

Getting back to the basics with Kindle


Getting back to the basics with Kindle

Sorry guys no post in 2 days I know I kind have been getting lazy but I remembered tonight and just decided to post this. Remember Kindle just a simple basic reading device. There was no glare when reading it in sunlight The battery barely needed to charge it was good for people who loved to read. It even had built in WiFi and had a model with free 3g for those die hard reading fans.

‘Digital Dementia’ surging among young electronics users

So this is what digital technology like smartphones can do to you who knew.

FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

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KANSAS CITY, Kan.– The overuse of electronics at a young age is leading to a surge in what some doctors are calling “Digital Dementia”. The demand for anything digital is at an all-time high.

“I’m on my phone a lot, probably all day. I use the Playstation 3 every morning and the computer I use at night,” 14-year-old David Shelley said.

In the Shelley household, there are five kids and countless electronics.

“They sort of just roam from one electronic device to the next,” dad Jeff Shelley said.

These kids are on track to develop what some doctors are calling “digital dementia”, characterized as a deterioration of brain function from overusing digital technology.

Symptoms include forgetting details, like phone numbers, shortened attention spans and loss of emotions.

“It’s kind of a like a use it or lose it kind of thing especially in a developing brain,” said Dr. Jennifer…

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Portable Hand-Held Air Condition Mini Fan


Portable Hand-Held Air Condition Mini Fan

This cool portable handheld air conditioner can keep you cool on those hot summer days. Just put in the batteries or plug it into a USB port and cool air will blow out. Perfect for when you are around your computer for along time. I’m not sure if it comes with a bottle of fragrance but I know it can be used as a air freshener. Just open up the back and put a few drops of fragrance or perfume or whatever on to the blue pad and pop the back back on and turn it on that simple. If you want to learn more about this or buy it click on the source link below.

Source: Mini in the box.com