CHECK THIS OUT Cool Android Coffee Table!


I was searching the web and I thought it was kind of cool and I wanted to put it on Tech Cove so here it is so enjoy. The table is also water resistant so you can drink on it without it getting damaged from spills.


Best tablet for kids! Buy now Lightning sale 24 hour shipping $54.99 ! Number 3 list item.


Best tablet for kids! Buy now Lightning sale 24 shipping! Number 3 list item.

This tablet is a must buy if you are buying a gift for any kid who wants a tablet. I am sure this thing is going to be sold out in a few days so don’t make a mistake, and buy it now. I mean I already bought two of these things for my little cousins last year Christmas and every time they visit they always bring it and they say it’s amazing. I mean the tablet’s running on Android 4.0.4 it is a 7 inch touch screen. It’s got the usual 3.5mm head phone jack. Battery life is about 4 hours so it’s good for a tablet this price. It is 8GB of built in storage but you can expand it to 32GB. It has the Google play store already installed so you can start downloading apps and games. And it has a 0.3MP camera. The price is so good for a great tablet I can’t really find any problems but that when playing games with this sometimes there’s a little lag but other then that it works perfectly fine so click on the link below to learn more and to buy!


How long will laptops and Desktop Computers last?


How long will laptops and Desktop Computers last?

Remember those days when laptops and desktop computers used to be the thing, almost everyone wanted one. Before the days of smartphones and tablets just the good old days of computers and laptops. But when smartphones arrived on the seen computers and laptops began to fade slowly and slowly into the background, even to this day.
Think about it a smartphone is just a phone with a computer with a phone and tablets are just touch screen computers. So if they could make a device capable of doing things the Computer can do but in a big tablet form then what is the point of a computer or laptop. A tablet is easier to carry around then laptops making this device more portable. For keyboard and mouse they can just have Bluetooth keyboards and mice. The hard drive might be the only issue, but in the future they should be able to create a small hard drive with the same capacity of today’s computers.
They are probably planning the next generation of computers and laptops right now. If in computer form or tablet form either way the computer will change eventually. On the news the other day I saw that Microsoft sales were low in in there Windows 8 laptops. That shows that less and less people are buying laptops and computers and are turning to smartphones and tablets. So that leads us to that huge question, how long will laptops and desktop computers last? What do you think?

Use hot or cold drinks to charge your phone


Epiphany onE Puck is a device where you can place any hot or cold beverage on it and fully charge your cell phone battery. You just plug the USB into your iPhone or Android, then put your beverage on the device then the device uses the heat or cold. By turning an engine it generates electricity and fully charges your device. Click on the source link below to check it out