CHECK THIS OUT Cool Android Coffee Table!


I was searching the web and I thought it was kind of cool and I wanted to put it on Tech Cove so here it is so enjoy. The table is also water resistant so you can drink on it without it getting damaged from spills.


Best tablet for kids! Buy now Lightning sale 24 hour shipping $54.99 ! Number 3 list item.


Best tablet for kids! Buy now Lightning sale 24 shipping! Number 3 list item.

This tablet is a must buy if you are buying a gift for any kid who wants a tablet. I am sure this thing is going to be sold out in a few days so don’t make a mistake, and buy it now. I mean I already bought two of these things for my little cousins last year Christmas and every time they visit they always bring it and they say it’s amazing. I mean the tablet’s running on Android 4.0.4 it is a 7 inch touch screen. It’s got the usual 3.5mm head phone jack. Battery life is about 4 hours so it’s good for a tablet this price. It is 8GB of built in storage but you can expand it to 32GB. It has the Google play store already installed so you can start downloading apps and games. And it has a 0.3MP camera. The price is so good for a great tablet I can’t really find any problems but that when playing games with this sometimes there’s a little lag but other then that it works perfectly fine so click on the link below to learn more and to buy!


I just got way better at Call of Duty Ghosts! My Number 2 list item

So I really wanted to improve at Call of Duty but I didn’t really go online and get any good practice time in to improve my game. Since Ghosts is the first Call of Duty Game I ever owned I was kind of learning the game a bit. It’s not like I never played Call of Duty before, I play it over my cousin’s house every time I come over and I beat him sometimes. But since I haven’t played my COD Ghosts in a while and some lack of experience I wanted to find ways to improve my game. Which was then I stumbled on this guide on the internet which I thought was stupid and a waste of money and I already know about Call of Duty what more can I learn. When then I decided since It was on sale for $17 not a lot of money so I decided to take a chance and buy it. And I was surprised the skill guides, map guides, and multiplayer guides really improved my game and there’s more. I went from like getting 7 kill streaks( the sentry gun) to 12 kill streaks( the Helo pilot) in a few days. I even got the Loki once! Once you purchase it, it is all digital so they will send you email details so you can login and start learning. The greatest part is that it gets updated so it’s not like you buy it and that’s it a plain old guide I think it makes a good gift for any Call ¬†of Duty Ghosts player. And it’s worth the small $17 I recommend it so just get it at the link below if you want to improve your COD Ghosts game or know anybody that would.

Driver-less cars in the UK?


Hey so I was browsing around the web when I saw these driverless cars that were coming to the UK. It seems pretty cool serving as a taxi pod. They said each pod can carry up to two people even though it’s so small I can barely see two people getting in it. But the concept video demonstrates how you can go online in the vehicle and see where your going on some sort of GPS navigation. You book the pod with your smartphone. Pods cost 2 Euros which is $3.20. Test pods will come to the UK in 2015 and will be in operation 2 years later. To learn more click on the link below.

One of the coolest tablets/ computers what do you think?


 One of the coolest tablet/ computers what do you think?

I know the Surface RT is pretty much a tablet but it acts like a computer too. The Surface is one of the coolest computes in my opinion, but how functional is it with the keyboard what I mean is can it be your laptop or even desktop replacement? I mean I’m not sure if has all the features as a regular computer so the answer for now is pretty much no but what do you think?

Image Source: Microsoft Surface RT

R/C Forklift with Shelving, Pallets, Drums, and Crates


R/C Forklift with Shelving, Pallets, Drums, and Crates

This cool R/C forklift is a great R/C toy and game for someone who is always around their computer desk. All you do is set up the shelving and use the forklift to lift the drums and other things on to the shelves. You can also challenge a friend to see who can stack the most on the shelves without toppling the whole thing. If interested in buying or to learn more click on the source link below.