CHECK THIS OUT Cool Android Coffee Table!


I was searching the web and I thought it was kind of cool and I wanted to put it on Tech Cove so here it is so enjoy. The table is also water resistant so you can drink on it without it getting damaged from spills.


Whoa! a high tech taxi cab


Whoa! a high tech taxi cab

So yah browsing the web again for something new and unique about our technology today and lets just say I found it. It’s called the Car Force One and it’s a high tech taxicab with suited with an Xbox 360, ps3, computer and key board, 4g internet, T.V.s, mini coolers, and more. So it’s supposed to be some type of luxury taxi cab chauffeur service. It looks really cool you can even make request on the websites for things like your favorite beverages. It is available in New York and other major cities. Reservations prices vary so click on the link below to learn more.


Driver-less cars in the UK?


Hey so I was browsing around the web when I saw these driverless cars that were coming to the UK. It seems pretty cool serving as a taxi pod. They said each pod can carry up to two people even though it’s so small I can barely see two people getting in it. But the concept video demonstrates how you can go online in the vehicle and see where your going on some sort of GPS navigation. You book the pod with your smartphone. Pods cost 2 Euros which is $3.20. Test pods will come to the UK in 2015 and will be in operation 2 years later. To learn more click on the link below.

Hey Everybody I’m back

Yeah it’s me Rashid back with new post from Tech Cove sorry I took a long break from blogging to get some fresh new ideas for the site but now I’m back keeping true to my promise to blog new content every day. So keep tuned in to Tech Cove oh and spread the word to your friends and social media so they can come to this site to experience Tech Cove for themselves. Oh and one more things now some of my post are not uncategorized because they all were before. So expect some new changes like that one in the near future, a better experience for my viewers that’s where I want Tech Cove to be so you’ll see a post from me soon.

Getting back to the basics with Kindle


Getting back to the basics with Kindle

Sorry guys no post in 2 days I know I kind have been getting lazy but I remembered tonight and just decided to post this. Remember Kindle just a simple basic reading device. There was no glare when reading it in sunlight The battery barely needed to charge it was good for people who loved to read. It even had built in WiFi and had a model with free 3g for those die hard reading fans.

First up for my week of Kindles the Kindle paper white


First up for my week of Kindles the Kindle paper white

The kindle Paper white is just a device for people who love to read.It has built in WiFi and a no glare screen a perfect device for that reader who reads at day and at night. There are two models of the Paper white the WiFi model and the model with the built in 3g. The 3G is free but that version cost $179.00 and the WiFi version is $119.00. To learn more or buy click on the source link below.

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