I just got way better at Call of Duty Ghosts! My Number 2 list item

So I really wanted to improve at Call of Duty but I didn’t really go online and get any good practice time in to improve my game. Since Ghosts is the first Call of Duty Game I ever owned I was kind of learning the game a bit. It’s not like I never played Call of Duty before, I play it over my cousin’s house every time I come over and I beat him sometimes. But since I haven’t played my COD Ghosts in a while and some lack of experience I wanted to find ways to improve my game. Which was then I stumbled on this guide on the internet which I thought was stupid and a waste of money and I already know about Call of Duty what more can I learn. When then I decided since It was on sale for $17 not a lot of money so I decided to take a chance and buy it. And I was surprised the skill guides, map guides, and multiplayer guides really improved my game and there’s more. I went from like getting 7 kill streaks( the sentry gun) to 12 kill streaks( the Helo pilot) in a few days. I even got the Loki once! Once you purchase it, it is all digital so they will send you email details so you can login and start learning. The greatest part is that it gets updated so it’s not like you buy it and that’s it a plain old guide I think it makes a good gift for any Call  of Duty Ghosts player. And it’s worth the small $17 I recommend it so just get it at the link below if you want to improve your COD Ghosts game or know anybody that would.



First item on my must have Christmas list is the Xbox One


First item on my must have Christmas list is the Xbox One

The Xbox one yes is the first item I will put on my list which I won’t be getting this Christmas because of it being sold out. The Xbox one is great for playing online multiplayer with Xbox live and how reliable it is. When I get my Xbox one I’m going to get Call of duty ghost for sure. I’m looking forward to getting it I’m also getting ps4 too.

Which console do you think is going to be better Xbox One or PS4?


Which console do you think is going to be better Xbox One or PS4?

I mean this is a question asked daily and everybody has their own answers. Some might be Xbox One all day and others might be PS4 all day. But either way they are going to be some pretty good consoles. I think that the Xbox One is going to be better then PS4 because I played the 360 and I like the games for it. I mean we have Halo, and Gears of War for Xbox what about PS4? I know 2 games isn’t the reason to buy a console but I like the controls. I mean I have no problem with PS3 controller because I have a PS2 and PS1 I’m used to the controls. But even though a lot of people like PlayStation better I like Xbox better. And the Xbox one has a nice looking console and Kinect. But what do you think with the limited info we have now which console is going to be better.

Do you remember the Sega Dreamcast?


Do you remember the Sega Dreamcast?

The Sega Dreamcast was one of my favorite gaming consoles. I used to love playing games like Sonic Adventure, Hydro Thunder, Shemue, Solcalibur, Virtual striker 3, and Powerstone. I think the Sega Dreamcast was such a cool system I mean the games are all so fun to play and memorable. One thing that made the Sega dreamcast different from other consoles was it’s memory card with a screen. I mean I remember downloading and playing mini games on the cards which was pretty cool. I mean I think there should be a Sega Dreamcast 2. I think the Dreamcast was a great system with a ton of great games and I know I’m not the only one who thinks it. It would be great if Sega could make a Dreamcast 2 which could dominate the next gen consoles ps4 and xbox one. So what do you think, I want your opinion what do you think about the Sega Dreamcast and do you think there should be a Sega Dreamcast 2?

Image Source: http://a.images.blip.tv/Normcaruso-TheGamingHistorianSegaDreamcastPart2592.jpg